Treatment  with MONICOR

General remark

Due to legal regulations we are obliged to the following information: The ROFES technology is not (such as homeopathy, bioresonance, and acupuncture) consistent with the scholarly view and doctrine. Effects are scientifically partially not accepted. The use of the ROFES does not replace the consultation of a doctor or alternative practitioner. The ROFES MONICOR includes healing programs that are not allowed in all countries due to the provisions for medical devices. Inquire therefore beforehand what applies in the country in which you are. The use of these programs is therefore at your own risk, depending on the country.

An explanation: This is not uncommon with internationally offered articles, since the programming behind it does not take place individually for each country. For example, you can get also navigation devices in Germany in which you find "speed camera detectors", but their use is not allowed in Germany.


Children under 8 and pregnant women in the last 2 months of pregnancy should not be treated with MONICOR.


General automated treatment

After a measurement MONICOR suggests an automated treatment. Here, MONICOR automatically searches for the meridians, which have the most not optimally supplied acupuncture points or for which the deviations from the standard are the highest. It is assumed that this can achieve the best effect on the whole organism. When the meridians are in perfect harmony, all the organs and systems are properly treated and the body is able to regenerate itself. First of all, the device shows at which point the corresponding meridian is to be treated, so that an electrode should be attached there in order to achieve an optimal effect.

Schaubild bei einer allgemeinen Behandlung mit MONICOR
MONITOR now shows exactly the frequencies that are used for treatment. In the meantime, measurements are carried out to possibly perform an automatic correction, so that the optimal treatment of the meridians can be achieved by the treatment frequencies. But MONICOR does not treat several meridians at once, but only where the most urgent need for action exists. Since it comes to interactions on the other meridians, it is also not useful to perform several treatments in a row. This would burden the body too much. This type of treatment is designed for the long term because Meridian will be improved by Meridian, but in the end the body will be in an appropriate harmony with respect to the meridians. This in turn leads to further effects, since the body is able to regenerate independently and can "fight back" against various diseases and weaknesses. 
Schaubild einer Farbtherapie

Color and music therapy

In addition to the above-mentioned general treatment, a music therapy and a color therapy can also be used for assistance. Here, both therapies can be chosen together or only one of them. The effect of the general treatment shall be enhanced by this. Individually for the treated person, matched to the previous measurement results, corresponding color patterns or music sequences are created. These support the electrical frequency treatment by acoustically and visually matching the corresponding frequencies. Thus, several senses are simultaneously addressed, whereby the higher effect is achieved. It should be noted that these frequencies are created individually for the treated person. That is why these frequencies (music, color) can be stressful for other people. In applications you should pay attention to this (music via headphones, place screen in a way that third parties can not see the color therapy with).


Schaubild einer Suche nach Herpesviren mit MONICOR und dem Auffinnden eines aktiven Virus

Treatment after stress test

Stress test i s for MONICOR the targeted search for pathogens (parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses, etc.). If the results show a high probability that a particular pathogen is present in the body, the program offers the possibility to carry out a targeted treatment immediately. It is then treated exactly this pathogen with the specified frequency. Again, color and music therapy can be switched on to increase the effect. The advantage of this treatment is that it is very targeted. In the example on the rght side, the green-highlighted frequency would be applied and all other frequencies, which are also associated with herpes, are ignored. This also protects the treated person and side effects are normally not expected. This form of treatment also provides additional safety, as MONICOR does not allow targeted treatment if no pathogens were found previously.


Schaubild der Auswahlschablone für gezielte Behandlungen mit MONICOR

Correction of symptomology

In addition to the options already mentioned above, MONICOR also offers targeted treatment through the selection of diseases or organs / systems to be treated. This is also connected with a search function, the result of which are concrete suggestions including descriptions with which frequencies could be treated. At least the user has to  make the selection in this field. The possible treatment fields in this function are very complex and range from e.g. knee pain, cellulite, depression to influenza, malaria or coronavirus. The treatments chosen here are based on the illness or on the basis of the clinical picture and are therefore not individually coordinated by MONICOR to the person to be treated. Again music and color therapy can be added.


Informationsträger für die Behandlung mit MONICOR

Treatment with information carriers

Some treatments may take a long time (more than 1 hour).

In this case MONICOR offers the possibility to create information carriers which are glued to the skin for about 5 - 8 hours and transmit the informed frequencies to the body. The creation of the information carrier can be done at any time. The presence of the person to be treated is not necessary. The creation time is about 10% of the normal treatment time, while up to 15 carriers can be created at the same time. This would be enough for a two-week treatment. Thereafter, in any case, a breakis necessary, so that the body has the chance to get along without help (information carrier). n most cases, however, the treatment will be completed successfully earlier. Since it makes sense to treat only one problem / illness with the information carrier at a time, a total treatment may last longer.