This website is intended as an information page for the ROFES MONICOR system. Interested parties and users can get an overview of what the system is able to do.  In additon, you can get useful tips on how to use the MONICOR and as well this side offers scientific studies and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).


What does MONICOR stand for?

MONICOR is a versatile advice in the health sector. It is both a health check but offers also, if approved in the respective countries, a diverse treatment option.


MONICOR offers:

  • A 3 minute diagnostic evaluation of organs and systems in real time, showing up to 2.500 functional stress conditions
  • Assessment of up to 70 psycho-emotional states
  • The detection of up to 170 pathogens (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.)
  • A clearpicture of the condittion of your meridian system: Detects weak energy flow or lack of energy in the meridians and then corrects and balances these meridians back to health
  • Detection and a possible correction of weak acupuncture points - (effective acupuncture without needles)
  • Shows potential disease risks and  lack or excess of energy in organs and systems
  • Symptom analyses
  • Symptom correction which normalizes, balances, corrects and detoxes organs and sysstems (immune, nervous, lymph, endocrine, spiritual balance etc.)
  • Color and music theraphy whch improves the brain's functions by balancing the brain rythms, which in turn balances the nervous- and the hormone system
  • DNA repair
  • Checks which foods, nutrients and supplements suits your body
  • Real timme analyses of the effects of other therapeutic methods
  • Cleansing of the immediate surrounding from electromagnetic smog

All this is possible with MONICOR without side-effects

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