frequently asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions. We tried to arrange them thematically. If you have further questions that are not mentioned here, please contact us. We will try to update these question lists constantly.


What can MONICOR do?

Can I recognize with the help of MONICOR if the body has deficiency symptoms, e.g. not enough selenium or vitamins?

This is not possible. MONICOR does not check for trace elements, vitamins etc. but measures frequencies. In future there shall be an update with this function. So far you have the possibility to test which micronutrients the body can absorb. 


Can I detect fractures with MONICOR?


This is not possible. MONICOR can detect energies and whether acupuncture points and meridians are energetically supplied. MONICOR is not an X-ray machine.


Can MONICOR detect cancer?

MONICOR makes no statement that it is cancer, but will show appropriate disorders of the organ and meridians.



Test of substances

Can I detect allergies with MONICOR?

MONICOR gives some indication of allergies, but can not specifically test intolerances. However, individual foods, drinks, tablets, etc. can be tested for the effect. This gives an idea of how strongly individual organs and systems are burdened positively or negatively by the testet subject.





Can I use MONICOR with my smartphone?

No, that's not possible. MONICOR requires a PC / laptop with a Windows system and storage space. A headphone jack is desirable.

Does MONICOR work with a MAC system?

No, MONICOR only works with a Windows system as of Windows 7

Do I need an internet connection to operate the MONICOR?

The MONICOR does not require an internet connection during operation.

Are special computer skills required for the installation?

Basically, no special IT skills are required, but basic knowledge of how to use the PC are beneficial. For the installation a comprehensible manual is included, which explains all necessary steps.


Spare parts, wearing parts

What happens when the adhesive electrodes are used up?

New adhesive electrodes are available on the Internet, in pharmacies or from the seller of your MONICOR.


Can I use all adhesive electrodes?

No, the appropriate fasteners should be present. To be sure, ask the seller of your MONICOR.


Where do I get new information carriers from?

New information carriers can be obtained from the sellers of your MONICOR. Always 15 information carriers are in an aluminum box.


Can I reuse information carriers?

It is not recommended to use the information carriers multiple times, otherwise there is a risk that the information will change due to external influences.


How long can I use the information carriers?

After information has been generated with the MONICOR, the information carriers in the aluminum box supplied last approx. 2 - 3 weeks. Prolonged storage is not recommended as environmental radiation may distort or erase information.


Is it possible to use other information carriers?

Basically, this is possible, but not recommended.The information transmitted to the information carrier is passed on to the body and thus influences the health. At least this is wanted. For other information carriers, the manufacturer of the MONICOR can not guarantee that the information will be transferred completely and securely.


Other questions

Can I use MONICOR on multiple PCs?

This is basically possible if the system was installed on the individual PCs. In this case, the control unit is assigned accordingly, so that the assignment of the corresponding MONICOR to the PC must always be given.



There is a special special tool to analyse and treat COVID 19 with MONICOR.


How much does MONICOR cost?

The non-binding sales price for MONICOR is 3.780 Euros plus tax and shipping.